Welcome to my website. I’m The Monologue Detective. I have helped thousands of actors succeed at auditions for over 30 years. My students have appeared on and off-Broadway, feature films, primetime TV and regional theatres. They have also been accepted at La Guardia High School, Performing Arts High School, Yale Drama School, NYU Theatre Department and Carnegie Mellon University Drama Department, where I have also been on the faculty. You can read all about it in my best-selling book, Monologue Mastery.

Before we meet I send you a questionnaire so I can get information on you which will help me find you great monologues that fit you like a glove. It is very important to do a monologue that fits you perfectly. You bring it filled out to the first session along with your picture and resume and any monologues you have. I search my files of over 5000 little-known monologues. It is also important to do monologues that aren’t overdone. We read through monologues in the session and choose the ones we like best. You leave the session with many monologues to work on. Then you come back for coaching.

I have a technique for rehearsing that is specially geared to monologues. It really gets results. You’ll see for yourself. Contact me to book a session at prudenceholmes@hotmail.com or 917-723-0164.