Thank you so much for bringing your talent, tips and expertise and for contributing your valuable time to the grateful members of SAG NY Conservatory, through your terrific Monologue Workshop.

We marveled at your uncanny ability to pluck just the right material to reveal an actor’s larger, truer personality and range in auditions. Whether watching you work with others, or lucky enough to work directly with you on a monologue or two, we all felt fortunate to be there to receive your gift of ideas, information, suggestions, tips and resources.

Cynthia de Ben
SAG NY Conservatory

Prudence is not only a distinctive actor, but also one of the finest coaches around. She can guide you to the essence of whatever piece you are working on so that it sounds as personal and spontaneous as if you were saying it for the first time.

Jack Doulin , Casting Director
National Actors Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop

I trust her and I recommend her all the time.

Lynne Jebens, Agent,
The Krasny Agency

Prudence’s work bridges the gap from audition to booking.

Penny Luedtke, Agent
The Luedtke Agency

Anyone who’s involved with solo performance can benefit from Prudence’s astute observations about autobiographical writing. Her sensitivity and compassion make her a wonderful teacher.

Linda Chapman Associate Artistic Director
New York Theatre Workshop

Prudence has given monologue workshops for my students at Rutgers and I was very impressed with her knowledge and insight into the audition process. My students found her to be very helpful. I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their auditions with excellent little-known monologues.

Barbara Marchant, Head of BFA Acting Program
Mason Gross School of Drama, Rutgers University

I’ve been recommending Prudence to my students for years. She has been extremely successful at helping students find suitable material for scenes and monologues. I highly recommend her.

Geoffrey Horne, Acting Teacher
Strasberg Institute

” I am so pleased with the array of monologues you found me. I am much more excited to have new material that I love.The wonderfully specific ideas and directions you gave me in our coaching sessions opened up a whole new level of creativity and play in my monologues that I am sure will make my auditions stand out. It was a joy working with you.”

Natalie Blackman , actor

“I met Prudence Wright Holmes at an AFTRA@Work evening. I was very impressed with her presentation and also her helpful and supportive approach. She worked with me privately to discover a range of monologues that were more suitable for me than the ones I had been using. I heartily recommend Prudence to anyone who is having monologue selection or performance problems.”

Edward Jones, actor

“I just want to let you know that your book, Monologue Mastery, has helped me quite a bit. I’ve finally found my courage to begin
auditioning again. I’d become disheartened and insecure regarding my monologue choices, but now have found enough confidence (and material) to walk through the doors again and onto the stage. I think you have wonderful suggestions and I’m excited now at each audition opportunity. Again, thank you, and I hope to see you soon.”

Marilyn Salisbury, actor

Prudence is the best Monologue Detective and coach in town. She found perfect monologues for me, helped me to fine-tune them and find all the colors, nuances and beats. She is sensitive, caring and fun to work with. She also helped me get an agent who I have been working with for seven years. If you want to work with a teacher who has a wealth of knowledge, experience and material, go see Prudence!

Al Nezemian, Actor

I have been with Prudence for two years and I have made continual progress. I have seen my confidence level grow in my acting as well as in the business side of acting. Prudence’s emphasis is on using all of my resources, all of my senses, my intellect, personality and technique. Prudence is always very supportive and she sees my positive qualities. She is gentle in her corrections, yet specific in her advice to me. She also sticks to the work in our sessions so that I get the most out of our time together. Not only is she an excellent teacher and very encouraging, but alos, she practices what she preaches.

Cody Smolik, Actor

It was the best phone call I ever made. Every monologue Prudence gave me was perfect.

Melanie Davis, Actor

I just met Pru­dence Holmes, and I was very impressed with her intu­itive pow­ers about the actor and her ency­clo­pe­dic knowl­edge of many dif­fer­ent sources of text to help an actor find not only a unique mono­logue but also one that is a great “fit” for the spe­cific actor.
She’ll first send you a ques­tion­naire that you fill out before you meet her. Spend time on this ques­tion­naire — it will help her type you and it’s a ter­rific exer­cise in help­ing you to bet­ter under­stand your own type.
She’s an expe­ri­enced actor and has been a mono­logue coach for over 25 years. Many of her clients have appeared in fea­ture films, on and off Broad­way, in prime­time TV shows, soap operas, regional the­aters and TV com­mer­cials.
She’s put her years of expe­ri­ence in a just pub­lished book, MONOLOGUE MASTERY:

Christopher Ryan Renni-Calliope

“I got into Yale Drama School thanks to Prudence”

Luke Dixon, Actor